10 Website That Will Positively Transform Your Classroom


I think it’s more obvious than ever that students are wired differently today. Technology has shifted their learning styles and their future paths to success. It has created an enormous amount of opportunity and has shaped not only learning styles but teaching styles as well.

At my school this year, we were fortunate enough to go 1:1 (One device for each student), and it has really revolutionized our student’s engagement in the classroom. Because of the Chromebooks that we received, the students and the teachers were strongly encouraged to become comfortable with technology. It is now our responsibility to prepare students for a 21st-century career field. We must be ahead of the curve so we can serve our students to the best of our ability! 

Since we use Chromebooks, Google was adopted with our 1:1 program. Therefore, I use Google Classroom with my students to incorporate and communicate all of the websites shared in this post. With the help of several of my colleagues (shout out to Mrs. Cody!), my students are pretty much pros at navigating through the interweb.

A couple of things before we dive in…

  1. I always have a paper copy on hand for several reasons, but mostly because our kiddos can’t stay off of CoolMath Games, am I right? 
  2. With that being said, some students do not work best on a computer, and we have to be ready to adapt to that! 
  3. Lastly, procedures are essential for any kind of digital learning. We are not only responsible for teaching students how to work technology, but how to use it properly. If you are interested in what procedures look like in a digital classroom, I have listed some useful links from fellow bloggers below-

I understand it can be a very intimidating process to become familiar with technology. There are times that I even become overwhelmed by the number of new apps, systems, and websites available for me. The truth is, it’s not going anywhere, so we have to commit the time and explore for our students. These websites listed below are not only easy to use, but provide printable resources if you do not have always have devices on hand! Consider them for transforming your classroom-



If you have ever used Kahoot for summative assessment, this is right up your alley. Very similarly to Kahoot, you can create your own quiz, or search for the specific skill being assessed. The difference lies within the monitoring process. With this website, you no longer have to monitor when every student answers a question. Each student answers at their own pace and is provided with immediate feedback. At the end of the quiz, there is a good amount of data provided so you are able to see where your students progressed or where they are struggling. Find Quizizz here!



Hey writing teachers! (AKA every teacher)-  This website, once given permission, edits our student’s writing anywhere they type, and it isn’t just spelling. It allows the students to see where they struggle with tenses, syntax, plagiarism and other errors that you can’t necessarily monitor for every student on a device. My students have Grammarly on their Chromebooks and it has worked wonders for them! Not to mention, I have it installed for my personal writing. Start with Grammarly here!


Class Dojo

I’ve mentioned Class Dojo before, but I really believe in it for discipline. I use class Dojo every day for my classes, and my students love it! It is available on the computer, or as an application on your device. Students receive a character and based on their behavior, points are given or taken away by you. Even though you must stay consistent, a positive incentive can be incredibly helpful when managing a classroom.  It is also a very easy way to keep the students accountable since their parents can also stay connected and be updated about behavior. I speak more about Class Dojo in my post “New Teachers, Where You At?” check it out for other helpful tips from my colleagues! 



If you live in Texas, you are going to love this website. Each quiz you search is linked to TEKS, and the students are given both passages and questions with STAAR sentence stems. You are even able to search the specific TEK you want for the assessment. The only downside to the website is that you must pay if you want to have more than three classes. I typically just have my students grouped into one class, and grade as they complete the assignment. Time to assess! Find Quizalize here.



If you are needing to take notes for a lesson and the students have their own devices, this website allows them to take the notes at their own pace.  You can upload the presentation (i.e: Google Slides) you want the students to see, and there are a couple of ways they can access it (a code or roster). If you have students that need extra time, this is a great and accommodating activity for them. Have students that need a challenge? Place a game or quiz link on the last slide, and have them complete it when finished! Check out Classkick here!


Actively Learn, CommonLit, and NewsELA

If you want to incorporate more reading into your class, these websites have it all. You are able to not only determine the level of reading you want to assign, but you can incorporate multiple choice and discussion questions too. As a Reading teacher, I use these websites in my intervention groups. However, I have also heard of these websites being successfully used in other content areas as well. The best thing about these resources is that you can assign them through Google Classroom OR you can print a paper copy. Sign in with Google and start using ActivelyLearn, CommitLit, or NewELA now! 



Again, my writing teachers, I obsess over this resource! Quill gives students the opportunity to practice any grammatical skill under the sun. You can do a whole class lesson with it while they follow along on their device, or they can have a passage assigned to them (by you) for individual practice. You can search each skill if needed and assign it on Google Classroom, or on the website itself. It is super helpful to have a website like this available for teaching, our students need the practice! Start with Quill here!



This website is my actual JAM! You can search for any skill needed and Flocabulary will offer a rap song about it. They also provide vocabulary cards, a vocabulary game, read and respond, a quiz and a lyric lab. The lab is awesome because it provides students with the opportunity to create their own song about the topic. You don’t have to assign all of those things, but it’s great to have the option! You are able to share the video on Google Classroom or through the website. The only downside is that my access is bought by the district, so you need to check with your district unless you pay for it yourself! Start getting jiggy with it here.

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