June Life Update

As July makes way, so does a lot more free time for this gal. June came in fast and furious, starting with my wisdom teeth surgery that led to disaster (Maybe I am being dramatic, but it was nowhere near fun) and ended with a trip to see my friends and family in Austin. Check out what I´ve been up to below!

First stop: Surgery

Guys, I have needed my wisdom teeth out for years. They have crowded my teeth, given me painful infections and really don´t belong in my mouth.  Low and behold, we finally got our hands on some quality dental insurance, and so two days into summer break, I bit the bullet. Mind you, I have super soft teeth, so cavities are no stranger to my mouth, and typically, I opt for no novocaine considering I hate the way the numbing feels. I also had braces and really did not think they were horrible, so I was expecting this surgery to be a breeze. 

The day of my surgery, I was honestly okay. I had sweet, sweet friends bring me milkshakes and words of comfort, and my husband was by my side helping me change my gauze. The day after was not bad either, and after two grown women told me that dry sockets were worse than childbirth, I was constantly attempting to be veeery careful not to get them.  I had a pretty stiff jaw that wouldn´t open, a numb tongue, and a swollen throat that was visible from a mile away.  However, being a googling feen (pro tip- don´t google), these were all things I expected. I wasn´t panicking…yet.

The second-day post op, my swelling was not going down, in fact, it was getting worse. I was so hungry considering I had three days of apple sauce and mashed potatoes, and every time I opened my mouth I wanted to throw something. I also wasn´t sleeping due to the discomfort, but I still had hope that this was all normal. The panic was only minor until I woke up the next day with severe pain in my bottom molar. I called my surgeon´s office struggling to talk because my tongue was still numb, trying hard to fight back the tears. They brought me in for a checkup and packed my back molars relieving some of the pain. Things were looking up, and I really didn´t have a choice because we were leaving for Seattle in three days.

I was pretty much a vegetable for the following two days. The pain in my dry socket started to radiate into my ear and into another tooth (not sure how that happens), and I started to develop chills and a fever. The predicament I was dealing with was that I didn´t want to take pain medicine on an empty stomach, but eating was the hardest and most painful part of the process. So, poor Tyler watched as tears would drip into my soup or scrambled eggs. We had two days until Seattle and I was not healing.

I found my way back to the dentist, and they prescribed me antibiotics (…that Walgreens was supposed to give me when I got my original pain medicine). I came home and forced myself to pack, we hadn´t been on vacation in two years, I was so excited but devastated that this was my fate. I was determined to feel better.

The next morning, we left for Seattle. I was attempting to be as proactive as possible with my medicine, and eventually, I started to heal. Was it ideal? No. But it didn´t stop us from having a good time on the west coast! Check it out below-

Stop 2: Seattle, Mt. Rainier, Portland, Oregon

We started our vacay in Seattle and you would have thought we were professional tourists. Even with swelling, we were checking out every kind of food, attraction, and monument we could. We had an Air BnB walking distance from Pike Place Market, and we were definitely getting our steps in, but it was well worth it!

One of my favorite parts of Seattle was meeting up with some of our very dear friends, The Barlows! We unknowingly (okay maybe a little knowingly) planned a trip that overlapped, and they stayed with us one night.

From there, we rented a car and drove to Mount Rainier, and I have never seen anything more beautiful! Even in June, snow was still sticking, and so we hiked (kind of) and fell…a lot. We made a picnic and ate at the tourist center, and from there, we drove to Portland!

In Portland, we had to give up our car, but that gave us the opportunity to rent bikes and ride them anywhere we could. Unfortunately, we brought the heat from Texas because it was 97 degrees the one day we were there. We again checked out food (of course), the farmerś market, and any kind of gift shop we could. It was so similar to Austin, we felt right at home. 

Stop 3: Anniversary

When we got back, my husband and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage and tenth year being together! We divvied up the day like we use to do when we first started dating, and it was super eventful. I took him to breakfast, to get a pedicure, and to one of our favorite places to swim (Itś mentioned in my last post). He took me to lunch, go-carting, ax throwing, and dinner! We were exhausted by 9 pm, but thankful for one another, especially as we prepped for my best friendś wedding.

Jackie gets married!

My childhood friend of 16 years got married, and I was her Matron of Honor! We ate some of the best food I´ve literally ever had, danced the night away and were able to celebrate the happy couple as we basked in the beauty of everything! It was an honor to be a part of her special day. 

Lastly: Austin–> The Buzzer Podcast!

Unfortunately, Tyler had to work, but I made my way back home for a couple of days to see my family, celebrate birthdays, and to be a guest on one of my long-time friendś comedy podcast. We spoke about a plethora of things (listen here to check it out!), but to sum it up, they are really freakin’ funny, and on the episode, I am able to give my two cents while laughing pretty much the whole time, so prepare yourself. You can find them on Apple podcasts or on Spotify- check them out!

In my spare time, I have been helping with curriculum for the district,  teaching my Body Works Class at LA Fitness, enjoying time with my husband when he has time off, volunteering for church, and have been saying ¨yes¨ to everything I can (which can sometimes get me in trouble). After having lunch at Torchyś Tacos with one of my favorite people (Love you Lo!),  this month, I am going to focus on mental health and getting back into the swing of things. I hopefully am going to read more than I have been, workout, cook more and try to focus on structuring my day with time and tranquility.

Overall, I am incredibly thankful that I have amazing friends, the means to travel and see the world, a beautiful family that I love visiting, and a husband that supports me in my crazy ideas and loves me so well. It is a blessing to be busy, but I am ready to slow down for a minute and enjoy what I have left of my summer. 

My next post will be my first GUEST POST! One of my oldest friends writes about the grieving teacher, and she gives her personal experience about what itś like to teach while dealing with mental health obstacles. Stay posted! I am so excited to have her write for you guys! 


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