Whole30 Journal: Part 1

Well guys, I am ten days into Whole30, and I wanted to update y’all as I trecked through the weeks.

For those of you who don’t know what Whole30 is, check it out here and become enthralled by the restrictions. Whole30, while it has a lot of benefits, is meant to be an elimination diet. This allows you at the end of the thirty days to slowly introduce foods back into your diet to see what you react to. Naturally, you do lose weight because you cut out processed foods and a significant amount of carbohydrates, however, you can still eat quite a bit (especially veggies). Luckily, since I have been through the elimination process, this go-around has been significantly easier since my goal is a lifestyle change. 

My motivation stemmed from really just needing a cleanse and an opportunity to practice my self-control. I was getting in the habit of eating a lot of things that were available when I reaaally didn’t need them. While I am practicing this, if a celebration or date night comes up, I will cheat a little. Also, we have kept a lot of our recipes from the last time we did Whole30 that we cook on a regular basis (check out my favorites here), so the accommodating isn’t too hard. Having a husband that will support you in every crazy thing you want to try is super helpful too. (Love you, Ty!) 

Here is what I have noticed so far with the first ten days…

Hunger: Okay so, I have definitely been more hungry than usual. However, having my snacks readily available always helps to stop that hunger!
Cravings: For someone that doesn’t crave sugar too much, I am really wanting sweet things. I try to curve the cravings with fruit, water or almond butter. It works for the most part!
Skin: I blame it on the time of the month, but I have had two break-outs this week…yikes.
Stomach Issues: I am realizing that red meat makes my stomach hurt…like a lot. 
Energy Level: My energy level has been somewhat up and down. It depends on the day! The first couple of days, I didn’t work out because I was so tired. I finally made it to the gym and it was pathetic, but I finally have gotten my groove back!
What am I missing most? Chips and salsa, hands down. Oh, and everything pumpkin is torturing me.


Favorite Recipes of the Week 

Chia Seed Pudding 

{I have been wanting to try this recipe for weeks now, and am so glad that I did! This recipe is so so easy and delicious}

Vegetable & Chicken Soup

{Not all the seasonings are Whole30, but y’all know I love my veggie soup}

Steak Bite Bowl 

{In this tasty recipe, I added onions, squash, and cauliflower rice! So good!}

I will check back in ten days with another update, in the meantime, check out my post about my first time doing the Whole30 here!


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