Cozy Chicken & Vegetable Soup

The holidays are in full effect as we feast on all of our seasonal favorites. This Thanksgiving we traveled home to Austin, and we were feeling extremely thankful as we traveled from house to house visiting the ones we love. While Tyler is constantly rolling his eyes at my love for Christmas Hallmark movies, and …

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What’s your Why?

As a seven year old, I vividly remember my father picking me up from dance class, tension mingled in his throat as he gently brought up the situation happening in my mother’s bathroom that night. “Allie” he said. “As you know, your mother’s treatment has made some of her hair fall out” I did recall …

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Prepping for Success (& Our Lunch)

Like many of you, I have a morning routine that kick-starts my day. I wash my face, pick out an outfit, take my dog out, start the coffee and a plethora of other activities that prep my brain for the morning ahead. I have come to the conclusion that I thrive when I have a …

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Who is "The Healthy Teacher?"

Hello friends and family! Welcome to “The Healthy Teacher,” a blog and hopefully a guide to many regarding teaching, health, and raw, unfiltered life. Let me introduce myself… My name is Alexandra Lemm, and even though I am currently residing in East Dallas, I take pride in being born and raised in Austin, Texas- “The …

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